Adidas Blaze Spin

tensor short pips

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  • Black
  • Red
  • 2.2mm (T22)

Rp 390.000

~ kondisi cover tidak mulus, namun karet masih mulus.

Blaze Speed -vs- Blaze Spin
speed : 95 -- 89
spin : 65 -- 74
precision : 90 -- 81
tolerance : 75 -- 84
hardness : medium -- medium-
review :

The adidas Blaze Spin is the pimpled out rubber that is focused on spin.
The pimple geometry is designed for a high level of spin and unprecedented ease of use.
The soft sponge with its innovative structure provides stability, control and speed.
The strong tension effect is integrated into the rubber sheet and the sponge for energy.
The adidas Blaze Spin is strongly recommended for players who are
experimenting with short pimpled out rubbers. This is also suitable for
skilful attacking players who like to vary their game and use different techniques.