729 755 Mystery III

long pips

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  • Black
  • 0.5mm (T05)

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Rp 110.000

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speed : 6
spin : 9
control : 8
hardness : 38
sponge color : light yellow
review : https://revspin.net/pips/729-755-mystery-iii.html

Called one of the most deceptive long pip in the world”, 755 does have a strange effect on the ball. Beginning players will block shots and confuse opponents with randomized spin, and dead balls. Veterans of this rubber get desired effect not just random effect form blocks. This rubber chops well, hits well also, balls that are struck with force have a tendency to sink, further causing your opponent trouble. If you have the reflexes, 755 plays a devastating close to the table hitting and blocking game.

This long pimple has a strange effect on the ball. Randomised spin and dead ball returns are its great promise. You can chop, hit and block with effective disturbance.
Long pimpled rubber with the long soft pimples with entirely shiny surface. Superb control. Antispin effect. Most used for defense play but also for attacking play close to the table in order to create openings for the forehand. Easy to hit against backspin. Gold in single in World Championships and in the Olympic Games. Gold in single in Veteran European Championship and World Championships.