TCore A100 Hinoki Carbon Prasidha TMount

OFF+ 3+2 carbon blade 500 Prasidha

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Rp 555.000

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Structure : 3 + 2 PLY
Special Material : CORE A CARBON
Surface : Hinoki
Thickness : 6.7 mm
Weight : AVG. 86 gram
Head Size : W150mm x H157mm

Premium Paddle for Professionals
Hinoki Carbon Blades Generates Powerful Drive
Applied 3D Carving System to High Quality Hinoki
Naturally Dried Material Minimizes Distortion of The Paddle
Perfectly transfer your power and impact to the paddle

The Hinoki Carbon A100 is a light weighted paddle and it delivers your power and impact to the paddle better than any other paddles. Thus, it is easy to control and play. Feel the impact of Hinoki Carbon material. We designed surface and core thicker and combined them with special material called CORE A CARBON. Aramid and high elastic carbon fiber are weaved in CORE A CARBON and it gives you better speed and hitting motion.  

developed by TLab.
made in China.