Double Fish 8338 Hunting Shadows

rubber 200

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  • Black
  • Red
  • 2.1mm (T21)

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Rp 200.000

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hardness : 38-39
speed : 10
thrust : 12
spin : 12
control : 11
sponge color : yellow
review :

Features: Internal energy rubber set with fully foaming sponge
Suitable for: Professional player both offensive and defensive

High Bounce Inner Power Table Tennis Racket Rubber

Hunting Shadows 8338 rubber with sponge is the firsrt generation of internal energy rubber set which is developed by Double Fish Group making the advantage of RELEASE technology.

It makes the rubber set quite light and with good bounce by matching non-sticky rubber with sponge of large foaming technology (sponge cake), This rubber with sponge set for both offensive and defensive, therefore, it is an excellent weapon for the players who are good at fast attack and loop-drive style play.