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Stiga Calibra Tour S

40p tensor rubber 500

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Rp 500.000

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control : 86
speed : 140
spin : 127
style : spin elastic
sponge : soft
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Calibra Tour S has a soft sponge.

Equipped with the brand new APS-technology, it provides very high speed and
the fantastic possibility to shape your shots with the increased spin features.
The APS technology (Advanced Pimple Structure) with straight shaped pimples makes
the rubber adapt to the ball like never before and provides an explosive and
spinny rubber that is reliable in every situation.

Calibra Tour S is suitable for players with lower hitting power who need a rubber that
helps generate extra speed with the exceptionally lovely sound of built-in speed glue effect.
Rubber has a fragile sponge, please handle with care when removing from your blade.