Yinhe T-11+

OFF 5+2 carbon light blade 300

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Rp 300.000

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~ tanpa cover / dus asli.

Speed : 90
Control : 85
Thickness : ± 7.3 mm
Weight : ± 77 gr
Review : http://www.tabletennisdb.com/blade/galaxy-t-11.html
Review : http://www.tabletennisdb.com/blade/galaxy-yinhe-t11-plus.html

6 mm balsa core with two carbon layers and two thin
Limba veneers, this blade is fast while super light.

Compared with the T-10, this blade plays slightly faster
at the table, but loses a bit of the T-10's top speed.

The balsa in this blade makes soft shots easy for
controlled blocking, but when you put a little speed
into your shot, the ball will still come rocketing off.