Stiga Hybrid Wood NCT

OFF+ 9ply hybrid wood blade 1jt

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Speed : 129
Control : 53
Weight : ± 95g
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A dynamic and powerful 9-ply blade with the patent pending NCT from STIGA,
designed for the modern attacking game. Even with a blade that is
very fast you will feel a tremendous control and feel during your game.

STIGA Hybrid Wood NCT: Changing the Way the Game is played.
We have seen dramatic changes in our sport over the past few years:
scoring changes, ball size changes, the introduction of timeouts, and now
the elimination of speed glue. STIGA is confident that they can stay on the
cutting edge of technology to ensure that these changes do not detract from
your enjoyment of the game.

Now, the STIGA Hybrid Wood ties it all together! This nine-ply all-wood blade uses
STIGA's latest technologies, and is designed for the new era that begins with
the ITTF speed glue ban in 2008. It features a specially-treated surface and
STIGA's latest nano technology. These ingredients increase the life of the blade and
help you hit the ball harder.

The STIGA Hybrid Wood has been carefully constructed to perfectly complement
STIGA's Almana Sound Synergy Tech, Neos Synergy Tech, Neos Sound Synergy Tech,
and Innova Ultra Light Synergy Tech rubber sheets and bring the performance of
these rubber sheets to the maximum level.
The new era of table tennis has started at STIGA; has it with you?

The STIGA Hybrid Wood is ready for 2008, as are STIGA's Synergy Tech rubber and
Aqua Energy water-based glue.