Yinhe Moon

tension rubber 100

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review : http://www.tabletennisdb.com/rubber/yinhe-galaxy-moon.html

Yinhe Moon lebih ke SPIN,
Yinhe Sun lebih ke SPEED.

MOON (IN)-MAX TENSE with excellent spin and burst

MAX TENSE means “deep-strain”. It is R&D by YINHE company
especially for the Post-internal-energy era without power glue.
MAX TENSE use the high energy ‘Arbalest Sponge’ match with
high-performance rubber reasonably and dealing with a series of
appropriate chemical processes assures that MAX TENSE technology
could completely surpass the Ex-common stretchen. MAX TENSE technology
creates a myth that makes YINHE to be a new force suddenly rises.
It will lead the trend of the Post-internal-energy era.

MOON uses the acerbity cooloid tecnology which could be comparable with
the one of German or Japan. The special colloid combined with excellent
soft “Arbalest Sponge”could rapidly release its internal energy and shape shift.
Therefore, It suits different tactics, such as draw, hit and various spin and
will add more points to the performance of the player who is skilled in spin.