Stiga Clipper CR WRB

OFF 7ply wood blade 800

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  • FLared
  • STraight
  • CPenholder

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Rp 800.000

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speed : 112
control : 64
veneer : 7
weight : ± 85 gr
thickness : ± 6.6 mm
review :

~ bedanya WRB & non-WRB :
versi WRB : bagian tengah handle kosong / kopong.
(di bagian logo bisa lihat tembus / transparan ke belakang).
bat sedikit lebih ringan dan lebih berat kepala.

~ versi non-WRB : handle padat seperti bat pada umumnya.
bat lebih seimbang, kontrol lebih baik.

Known throughout the world for its speed and power yet with great touch on serve and serve return.
A blade created for those who like to finish the point at the first opportunity.
Also available in WRB style handle for added speed.

New CR version adds 21% more speed with UV finish on upper part of racket.
The CR version of the Clipper is the fastest blade we have ever tested.
If you want pure speed this one is for you.