HRT Inorganic Dragon

OFF 7ply bamboo carbon blade 200

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catatan :
sekitar handle ada sedikit bercak kuning.

blade yg lebih pucat dgn handle coklat itu produk lama.
sedangkan yg sekarang ada (handle biru) itu produk baru.
spek sama-sama bambu + karbon, dapat dari supplier yg sama.

thickness : ± 6.0 mm
weight : ± 88 gr
review : -

HRT Inorganic Dragon (Wood + Bamboo + Carbon)

Mr. Han Chun Rui, the founder of Hua Rui Te manufacture which makes the basic bat for table tennis made, has the experiences of products research and market operation for tens of years .It’s various kings of basic bat for table tennis have been approved and accepted by many professional latest product----inorganic dragon basic bat suitable for inorganic glue .And then the product has won the patent state.

This inorganic basic bat for table tennis is made by patent technique ,the key point of which being opening upright trough on the surface of the core materials by high technique , and turning the traditional surface conduction into line conduction , enabling the player to feel much more fast , clear in beating the ball. Meanwhile, control the depth of the opening trough by exact calculation of mechanics, the manufacturer can reach the aim of fully control the softness & hardness of the basic bat and bottom strength during the production, by which the weight of the basic bat is controlled.

By this technique, the product of inorganic dragon basic bat of table tennis has overturned traditional manujfacturing theory of inorganic dragon basic bat of table tennis has overturned rosewood, botany and purplevine and other hard wood to make the core wood for basic bat of table tennis, which can enable the player use inorganic dragon basic bat not only with super high speed in near table attach, but also show amazing bottom strength in middle and far table attach, and at the same time this basic bat is lighter than the troditional basic bat. Therefore, this new basic bat of table tennis may be rated as the unique sharp weapon in the inorganic times.