ITC Dynarc T5

OFF- 5ply wood blade 400

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  • FLared
  • STraight

Rp 430.000

weight : ± 83 gr
thickness : ± 5.6 mm
top-ply : heat-treated koto
review :
review :

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Dynarc T5 : 5 ply wood blade for continuous topspin or close-to-table topspin
- New standard of 5 ply wood blade for poly ball age.
- Relatively thin (5.6mm) construction. Middle speed and excellent control.
- Middle speed = Not very fast, but not slow.
- Neutral feeling = Not hard, but not too soft.
- Mainly for continuous topspin or quick topspin strategy. Also excellent for entry players.

Concept :
- "Ease of use" and "Good performance with poly ball" is the purpose of Dynarc T5.
- Based on traditional "5 ply for quick topspin" construction for which European wood is used as middle layer.
- European wood of middle layer makes high sound and exciting feeling.
- Heat-treated Koto of top layer provides optimum feeling.
- Thin construction of 5.6mm thickness provides optimum deflection and soft feeling.

Performance :
- Soft feeling & very good control for all shots.
- Feeling is soft. But, the response on impact input is linear. (Neutral hit response value means linear response.) So player can easily predict the result of impact. This is common characteristic with Dynarc T7.
- Good feedback by moderately high sound and comfortable vibration makes all shots easy.
- Aiming at the rising of ball is very safe. So player can attack very aggressively.
- Good ability of ball keeping makes all techniques easy.

Proper playing style :
- Continuous topspin.
- Very aggressive quick-topspin at close-to-table area.

Recommended players :
- All level of players who want mid-speed 5 ply wood blade which is optimized for poly ball.
- Entry players who have just started table tennis. (Because the price is not high.)

Other information :
- Dynarc T5 can be recommended for entry players. But, the level of this blade is not low.
- Dynarc T5 is the representative ot ITC 5 ply wood blades.