ITC PowerCell RS

tensor rubber 300

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  • Black
  • 2.1mm (T21)

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Review :

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Extreme spin performance for top professional players
Class: Tour class (the highest class in ITC standard)
Material of Top Sheet: Natural Rubber & Artificial Rubber (Most of the material is natural rubber.)
Pimple Density: High

Type of Sponge: Sponge with visible pores (Common type tension rubbers of new generation)
Density of Sponge: Average 48.0 degree (European standard) = 36.0 degree (Japanese standard)
Color of Sponge: Orange Red (close to red)
Thickness of Sponge: 2.1mm

Technology :
- Maximum Grip version of Hyper Grip top sheet.
- Energy Cell Sponge for high level of integrated energy.
- Super Tension for high catapult effect.
- Top sheet is optimized for spin performance and ball control while keeping high speed.

Performance :
- A bit reduced rebound (speed) when compared with PowerCell MP. But, the speed is still high.
- Excellent ball keeping and extreme spin performance in all situations.
- Very high and very sharp trajectory of topspin.
- Very precise ball placement.
- Feeling is a bit harder than PowerCell MP.

Proper playing style :
- Spin-oriented offensive or all-round style in which attack by topspin is frequently used.
- Aggressive topspin which is similar to Chinese style.

Recommended players :
- Highly skilled (i.e. top professional) players who play with continuous topspin.
- All level and all style of players who want to improve spin performance.
- In spin-oriented technics, players may feel that PowerCell RS is similar to Chinese sticky rubbers. But, the difference is that PowerCell RS provides very high speed when players hit ball with strong impact.
- If ball keeping and long impact of topspin is important, PowerCell RS will be one of the best choices.
- Recommended especially for the combination with ITC Dynarc T7/T5, Challenge Force/Speed, Accelum 5, Butterfly Korbel and Stiga Clipper.