ITC Premier XQ

OFF 5ply wood blade 700

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  • FLared
  • STraight

Rp 700.000

weight : ± 86 gr
thickness : ± 6.2 mm
top-ply : hinoki
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review :

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Speed: 95 / Fast
Hit Response: +6 / Boost
Vibration at Finger: -6 / Low
Overall Hardness: +2 / Soft
Surface Hardness: -5 / Soft


- Conventional 5-ply or 7-ply “Hinoki” blades have been loved by enthusiasts. But, those blades has not been generally accepted by usual players due to the lack of balance between rebound and speed. Actual rebound is relatively low, and the feeling of blade center is too hard. XQ is the solution for improvement.

- Among 5 layers of plywood, Hinoki is applied to 4 layers – two top layers and two middle layers. Lightweight African wood is applied to center layer. Overall thickness is increased to 6.2mm for the improvement of rebound speed.

- The result is higher speed and better feeling without the increase of weight.

- 4 Hinoki layers provide very soft feeling while the actual stiffness of blade is high.

- Blade absorbs the power of opponent’s ball when player blocks against topspin.

- High speed and power can be achieved by compact swing. The soft feeling makes all kinds of offensive shots very safe. As a result, counter-attack is very easy and effective.

- Player can easily take the initiative of rally by aggressive topspin.

- Modern “Power All-round” style which is the mixture of stable block and powerful counter-topspin.

- Traditional “Forehand attack + Backhand block” style which lays emphasis on the power of topspin.

- The players who want 5-ply wood blade with higher speed.

- The players who want powerful but easy-to-use blade.

- XQ can be considered as the “soft” version of Premier XC. XC and XQ share many characteristics, but there is the difference of feeling. XC is hard, and XQ is soft.