ITC Premier XC

OFF+ 5+2 carbon blade 800

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  • FLared
  • STraight

Rp 870.000

weight : ± 86 gr
thickness : ± 6.7 mm
top-ply : hinoki
fiber material : power carbon
review :
review :

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Speed: 102 / Very Fast
Hit Response: +2 / Boost
Vibration at Finger: +7 / High
Overall Hardness: +9 / Hard
Surface Hardness: -5 / Soft


- Conventional “Hinoki Carbon” blades provide very high speed, but are to much focused on speed. But, modern table tennis requires more all-round ability of this kind of high speed blade. XC is the solution.

- “Power Carbon” is a traditional “woven” carbon fiber material. But, the thickness is reduced, and as a result it provides better feeling and more flexibility.

- Construction is “5+2 ply inner fiber” which is different from “3+2” construction of conventional Hinoki Carbon blades. Also thickness is reduced to 6.7mm. The result is better stability while keeping high speed.

- Same level of speed as conventional “Hinoki Carbon” blades of 3+2 construction and 6.9~7.1mm thickness. But, the performance of topspin is much better.

- The feeling of impact is transferred to hand very well. -

Hard smash is more destructive than most of blades. But, the control of smash is excellent.

- Powerful topspin from mid ~ long distance is easy.

- “Power-oriented” style which lay emphasis on high speed of topspin.

- “Smash + Block” style at close-to-table area.

- The players who need destructive speed of topspin but who don’t want to lose control and stability.

- The players whose physical power is not sufficient but need more speed.

- Dramatically improved performance of “topspin” from conventional “Hinoki Carbon” blades.