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OFF- 5+2 BlueFlex fiber blade 700

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weight : ± 90 gr
thickness : ± 5.9 mm
top-ply : eche
fiber material : BlueFlex Fiber
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Speed: 91 / Mid Fast
Hit Response: -6 / Hold
Vibration at Finger: +2 / High
Overall Hardness: -6 / Soft
Surface Hardness: +5 / Hard


- BlueFlex fiber : The fiber which is made of light metal. Its feeling is more natural than the feeling of synthetic fibers. The blade with BlueFlex fiber provides much more power than the all-wood blade of the same thickness.

- Fiber material is placed between middle layers and center layer for the reduction of unnatural feeling due to artificial material. But, the span between fiber and fiber is extended for more efficient utilization of the performance of fiber.

- Top layer is highly elastic Eche wood. It provides high efficient of energy and excellent feeling.

- Soft feeling makes spin-strategy very easy.

- High stability of topspin and block at close-to-table area. It makes aggressive play easy.

- Moderate rebound makes shots very safe. But, the power of topspin is very high.

- Various playing style is possible according to the kind of attached rubbers.

- Aggressive topspin at close-to-table area.

- Modern all-round style which requires safety of continuous topspin.

- Professional players or skilled amateur players whose main weapon is topspin, and who lay emphasis on control and safety. Also recommended for young players who want to be professional.

- The players who have used 5-ply wood blades of middle speed but need higher speed for plastic ball.

- Softer version of Premier XR.