ITC Premier XR

OFF 5+2 RedFlex carbon blade 900

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  • FLared
  • STraight

Rp 930.000

weight : ± 90 gr
thickness : ± 5.9 mm
top-ply : eche
fiber material : RedFlex Carbon
review :
review :

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Speed: 95 / Fast
Hit Response: +4 / Boost
Vibration at Finger: +1 / High
Overall Hardness: -3 / Soft
Surface Hardness: +5 / Hard


- RedFlex Carbon : The combination of soft LCP fiber and elastic Carbon fiber. Laterally arranged LCP fiber absorbs vibration and reduces hard feeling. Vertically arranged Carbon fiber provides high speed. SDLF (Structural Damping Loss Factor) is reduced by optimum structure of fiber, and as a result it provides very high efficiency of energy during the process of deflection and restoration.

- Fiber material is placed between middle layers and center layer for the reduction of unnatural feeling due to artificial material. But, the span between fiber and fiber is extended for more efficient utilization of the performance of fiber.

- Top layer is highly elastic Eche wood. It provides high efficient of energy and excellent feeling.

- Good balance between moderately soft feeling and high speed for various offensive strategy.

- Excellent stability of topspin against topspin. Topspin is powerful, and its trajectory is long & piercing.

- Excellent harmony with most of conventional top-class rubbers.

- Good “catching” feeling makes passive block against topspin very safe.

- Offensive style based on topspin from both hands.

- Modern all-round style which requires more power of topspin.

- Professional players or skilled amateur players whose main weapon is topspin, and who need more power for plastic ball.

- The flagship model of Premier series.