Xiom Axelo

OFF++ 3+2 carbon blade 900

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~ sekarang dengan tampilan baru 2020 (spek sama).
~ jika ingin tampilan lama, tanyakan dulu stoknya.

Thickness ± 7.4 mm
Review : http://www.tabletennisdb.com/blade/xiom-axelo.html


Accelerated speed from very thick construction with superb feel Kiso Hinoki and
energy efficient ENERGY CARBON. You can feel the destructive power even from
far distance topspin attack. Counter topspin attack in continuous rally tops your opponent.

ENERGY CARBON Innovated from old X-Carbon delivers the soft and clear feel at
impact to help your control in continuous topspins. Attacking ball heavily weighted by
amazing speed and super spin is extremely destructive. Combined with the
soft European OMEGAs or ZETA, AXELO exceeds any competing peers in the offensiveness.

Uncompromising speed and the ability of strong topspin.
One of the fastest blades in the world.

The name of AXELO came from the word, “acceleration.”
AXELO shares the materials with its brothers - STRATO and IGNITO.
But, it is the thickest among the brothers. Top layer is KISO HINOKI which provides
very high level of energy efficiency and comfortable feel.

Newly developed ENERGY CARBON, which also provides very high energy efficiency,
is inserted under KISO HINOKI layer. Overall thickness is about 7.5 mm,
from which everybody can easily imagine that AXELO is very powerful blade.

Players will be able to experience amazing speed, especially they hit ball directly.
But AXELO isn’t only suitable for hard smash, but also very good for topspin orpassive block.
Strong topspin from any distance is the most important advantage of AXELO.